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The Inaugural NIL Summit

June 22, 2022

By Erika Cheng

MOGL Staff Writer

The Inaugural NIL Summit was held at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia, from June 13-15, 2022. Hosted by Student-Athlete NIL (SANIL) and INFLCR, the Summit provided participants with the opportunity to gain insight on how to maximize NIL endeavors through speakers ranging from industry-leading professionals, other professional and collegiate athletes, and more.

Co-Founders Ayden Syal and Brandon Wimbush alongside MOGL Athletes Jack Betts and Rayquan Smith

NIL opens a new space for businesses to market their products and gain exposure in new consumer market segments. It also allows athletes to market themselves and partner with brands and businesses that align with their values. In doing so, athletes’ voices extend beyond their universities and the NCAA, making it a powerful tool for companies and student-athletes.

MOGL is dedicated to helping enrich mutually beneficial partnerships in the NIL landscape such that both parties can take their brands to the next level. MOGL’s partnership with BlankRome, an Am Law 100 firm, aims to further show MOGL’s commitment to its athletes regarding the legal and contract review support that student-athletes often lack, especially now in the early stages of NIL. The Summit contributes to the empowerment of athletes to amplify their voices and elevate their personal brands.

MOGL showcased its innovative platform at its convention booth, interacting with over 300 student-athletes and representatives from athletic departments throughout the country and introducing the features which make MOGL the leading NIL marketplace. These included its complete compliance, convenience, and user-friendly interface that allows athletes to apply to campaigns and get support from the MOGL team while navigating deals. This element of MOGL’s platform addresses a common issue many athletes have encountered regarding an overall lack of support from their schools concerning the legal aspect of NIL contracts.

Co-Founder and CEO, Ayden Syal, demonstrates MOGL platform

The Summit convened a few weeks before the first anniversary of NIL, enacted by the NCAA, on July 1, 2021. Since then, collegiate athletes of all levels and sports have taken advantage of their name, image, and likeness, achieving new heights in this landscape. More than 10 MOGL athletes were nominated for the Inaugural NIL Awards, celebrating their accomplishments for the first year of NIL. MOGL is proud to recognize the following athletes:

  • UCLA QB Chase Griffin, winner of the Top Male Athlete of the Year award for his exceptional and impactful use of NIL across multiple platforms and campaigns.
  • Norfolk State Football and Track & Field athlete Rayquan Smith, winner of the Hustle Award for his incredible determination and entrepreneurial spirit that spurred his NIL pursuits. He wore fitting shoelaces that said “King of NIL” on them to the Summit.
  • University of Florida gymnast Leah Clapper, who graduated summa cum laude as a 4xSEC honor roll gymnast with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising.

Finally, to save the best for last - MOGL Co-Founder Brandon Wimbush got dunked on in a 1:1 mini-net basketball game with Oregon Women’s Basketball Player Sedona Prince.

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