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NIL Collectives, Jesse James, and Life in the "Wild West": How MOGL Helps Collectives Protect Student-Athletes

June 22, 2022

By Ayden Syal

Chief Executive Officer of MOGL

The NIL landscape is continuously being referred to as the “Wild West,” where everything goes due to the absence of any uniform rules or laws governing collegiate sports. Over the past few months, we have seen many activities that stretch the boundaries of what is permissible and above-board– in the same way that Jesse James and Billy the Kid stretched the limits to reap the benefits of an unregulated and dangerous 19th-century American West.

What isn’t being talked about and should be celebrated is the sheer amount of innovation, ingenuity, and creativity that we’ve seen come to life in such a short amount of time. During the time that the American West was being settled, inventions like the stagecoach, the revolver, barbed wire, and the telegraph were especially important to help establish and evolve the landscape into what we see now. Similarly, since July 1, 2021, brands, schools, fans, and athletes alike have flexed their creative muscles to create immense value– and in some cases, wealth– for themselves. Products and solutions like NIL marketplaces, compliance monitoring, automatic contracts, and an incredible variety of educational materials are examples of innovations that have come to market out of necessity in this new era in the same way that the inventions of the American West did.

What’s perhaps the most polarizing new entity in the NIL landscape is the collective. In its purest form, a collective is a group of donors or boosters affiliated with a school created to help benefit student-athletes in a variety of ways, primarily through monetary compensation and brokering NIL deals. MOGL is extremely excited about these new entities because, in general, we share the collectives’ mission to help support student-athletes.

Collectives are designed to support student-athletes, but in many cases, they don’t have the resources, technology, or experience to do that in a way that protects student-athletes and preserves their eligibility. In many cases, collectives have been quickly put together without thinking about what resources the athletes they are trying to support will need to help them with key components of NIL, such as financial literacy, filing taxes, contract review, and compliance.

This is where MOGL comes in. In the same way that Jesse James and Billy the Kid needed inventions like the revolver and the stagecoach to take advantage of their changing landscape, collectives need MOGL to streamline their operations, ensure full compliance, and, most importantly, protect the student-athletes they work with. MOGL is the leading NIL marketplace and gives collectives the power to interact with, hire, and pay student-athletes in a streamlined, secure, and compliant manner. As a company, we provide educational resources and training for student-athletes to ensure they are fully equipped to navigate the “Wild West.”

Changes in regulation provide the fuel for innovation, and MOGL is extremely excited and proud to be one of the first movers in this landscape along with the other marketplaces, collectives, and countless others focused on empowering student-athletes. But in the same way that a revolver needs bullets, and a stagecoach needs horses to pull it, collectives need technology and support so that student-athletes don’t get burned.

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