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MOGL is committed on helping businesses to build their brands while making a difference. Connect with athletes like never before through the MOGL platform.
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what we do

Why businesses choose MOGL

what we do

Our platform has all the features you need to start partnering with athletes today

MOGL connects athletes and businesses/individuals for engagements such as social media campaigns, appearances, and athletic training
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The Problem MOGL Solves

We help businesses grow by leveraging brand partnerships with athletes

Increased brand awareness
Increased profitability
Social media analytics
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The MOGL Platform

The MOGL platform allows athletes to easily connect  with businesses and brands that are eager to work with them. The product was created with athletes and businesses in mind to help them build their brands and improve community

MOGL for Businesses

Businesses can leverage the MOGL platform for unprecedented access to athletes in order to build their brands and increase profitability.

Manage all of your engagements and talent in one secure place.

MOGL for Athletes

MOGL helps athletes get paid and disclose their activities.

Through MOGL athletes are given financial literacy resources and will help the next generation of athletes to participate regardless of income

Ready to get started?

MOGL is the first platform that helps athletes monetize their name, image and likeness

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